Beauty and the Beast with Geekually Yoked’s Rachel Kessler

jrforasteros —  June 5, 2015 — 1 Comment

We welcome Rachel Kessler of the Geekually Yoked Podcast to discuss a film she thinks everyone should see, the 1946 French classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Story Men - June 5, 2015

Beauty and the Beast with Geekually Yoked's Rachel Kessler

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In this Episode:

2:00 – Rachel Kessler of Geekually Yoked

5:30 – Famous Geek Love Triangles

25:00 – Beauty and the Beast (1946)

52:00 – PPOW

56:00 – Connect with Rachel

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JR.: Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Rachel: The 100 (Hulu  Netflix)

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What did you think of Beauty and the Beast?

  • I watched it. I should watch more old French movies, they speak slowly so it really helps with the learning.
    Also…Best. Insult. Ever.