Can Jesus Save E.T. and Spock, Too?

jrforasteros —  November 21, 2014 — 6 Comments

The StoryMen tell some jokes, and then dive into a very serious subject: if aliens do exist (of course they do!), are they fallen? Does Jesus’ death and resurrection redeem them, too? A fun conversation about exotheology turns to how we think about those who are different from us, and what makes us human.

Story Men - Nov 21, 2014

Can Jesus Save E.T. and Spock, Too?

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In this Episode:

Jesus vs Aliens

3:00 – Beat That Joke
10:30 – Fall TV Revisited
19:30 – The Book of Strange New Things
23:00 – Do Aliens Need Jesus?
28:00 – Are Aliens Fallen?
32:00 – is there only one Incarnation?
39:00 – What are our options?
56:30 – Your turn!

Episode Links:

The Book of Strange New Things by Michael Faber

io9 article: How Would Christianity Deal with Extraterrestrials?

Ken Ham’s comments on aliens

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Do you believe in aliens? Do they need Jesus?

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  • John Otte

    I loved this episode. I actually wrote a sci-fi trilogy myself around the question of how aliens might fit into God’s salvation plan. I think my conclusions were a little different than Lewis or the others. But that’s another story for another day.

    You asked for jokes. I don’t have history jokes, but I do have two theology jokes that are great (if you’re a Lutheran like me):

    Joke #1 –

    A good Lutheran man dies and he winds up in hell. Very surprised by this development, he set out through the flames to try and find some answers.

    Much to his shock, he found his parents in hell as well! He ran to their side and said, “Mom! Dad! Why are you here? You raised me to be a good Lutheran. You took me to church, made sure I went to confirmation, and all that. Why are we in hell?”

    And his parents said, “We have no idea.”

    So the three of them set out through the flames looking for answers. And much to their shock, they found their pastor in hell as well! And they ran to his side and said, “Pastor! Why are you here? You were a good pastor! You preached God’s Word in all its truth and purity. You taught us so well! Why are we in hell?”

    And their pastor said, “I have no idea.”

    So they set out through flames looking for answers. And as they traveled, they found more and more confused Lutherans in hell. The crowd kept getting larger and larger and more and more agitated until finally, they spotted him: the man himself, Martin Luther. And they ran to Luther and said, “Dr. Luther, what is going on? We’ve found so many Lutherans in hell! Why is this happening?”

    And Luther looked over the crowd, scratched his head, and said, “Huh. I guess it was works after all.”

    JOKE #2 –

    Due to a clerical error, Calvin, Zwingli, and Luther wound up in hell after they died. They were shocked and horrified at this development and immediately lodged a formal protest with the devil.

    The devil listened to their reasoning and said, “Look, I get you’re upset, but my hands are tied. I can’t just let you go. But here’s what I’m willing to do: we’ll have a painting contest. You challenge me to paint something here in hell within a certain time limit. If I can do it, I get to keep you. If I can’t, you can go free. Deal?”

    Well, all three men were a bit hesitant to make a deal with the devil, but they didn’t see any other way. So they agreed.

    Calvin went first. He spent some time scouting the chambers of hell and found a doozy. It was at least half a mile long, a quarter of a mile across, and hundreds of feet tall. He turned to the devil and said, “Satan, you have five minutes to paint this chamber.”

    Satan laughed and, in a red flash, he disappeared. When Calvin turned around, he was stunned and horrified to realize that the chamber was not only painted, but in a nice primary color that complimented the room’s ambiance.

    Zwingli went next. He spent some time looking and he found an even larger chamber: three miles long, six miles wide, two miles high, filled with nooks and crannies and crevices. He turned to the devil and said, “Satan, you have only thirty seconds to paint this chamber.”

    Satan laughed and, in a red flash, he disappeared. When Zwingli turned around, he was stunned and horrified to realize that the chamber wasn’t just painted, but that Satan had been able to smooth out the irregularities and even give it a second and third coat.

    So Satan turned to Luther, who had been sitting on a rock and watching this whole time and said, “Well, Doctor? It’s your turn. What do you want me to paint?”

    Luther sat there, staring at the devil with utter contempt. Then he lifted his leg, farted, and said, “Paint that.”

    That’s what I’ve got. Well, I do have one other one, but I usually get threatened with excommunication when I tell it, so I’ll keep it to myself. 🙂

  • I love, LOVE that you guys talk about this stuff. I’ve been reading a book called “More Than a Theory” by Hugh Ross. He outlines a creation model that is neither young earth nor anti-evolution. One of the interesting things he points out is that we’ll probably never find extra-terrestrial life because there has to be the right amount of biological, chemical, and physiological fine tuning to support intelligent life. Our place in the universe, galaxy, and solar system are all perfectly suited for us as humans. He doesn’t go into all of that too much, but like you guys said, who says all extra-terrestrials have to be humanoid? Interesting stuff to think about!

    I was going to make a Marie Antoinette joke, but it wasn’t executed well. 😉

    • ooooh GOOD ONE JEANNETTE!!

      So in the model you suggest, would those aliens be fallen and/or covered by the atonement?

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