The Crowdsourced Church

jrforasteros —  March 28, 2013 — 16 Comments

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Story Men - March 28, 2013

The Crowdsourced Church

The Crowdsourced Church

The StoryMen talk History Channel's The Bible, Lays' Potato Chips and what a Church of the People might look like.

From Series: "StoryMen Season 1"

The StoryMen live at the intersection of Pop Culture, Theology and History. What are they talking about this week?

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The StoryMen talk History Channel’s The Bible, Lays’ Potato Chips and what a Church of the People might look like.

In This Episode

0:00 – Get Excited!
5:45 – History Channel’s The Bible
14:45 – Crowdsourcing and the Great StoryMen Potato Chips experiment
25:00 – The Crowdsourced Church

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Peter Enns’“How I Would’ve Plotted Out The Bible

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  • Jake

    JR, I appreciated your connection with the lecture style of school and church. I think both have the same struggle against a deeply ingrained cultural sense of what constitutes a “real” school/church. Any shift has to deal with that.

    • Thanks Jake! I learned that from you, so I’m not surprised you like the idea 😀

  • I was wondering if you guys take topic ideas/questions. I won’t have my feeling hurt if not, but here it is. Today at a funeral, the pastor said that he isn’t religious, he’s spiritual. He didn’t explain what he meant, but he was relating himself to the deceased, my cousin, who he described in the same way. He made no direct statements that my cousin was a Christian, but it was clear that the family believes he’s in heaven (and the pastor said my cousin is in heaven). In any case, his statement made my mind spin a little.

    It seems to me a dangerous thing to say (without clarification), especially given how many people feel that simply being “a good person” is all you need to get into heaven. Based on what the pastor said about my cousin, I felt that the he was validating that belief.

    I have all kinds of thoughts on this, and I just wondered what you guys think. Specifically:
    – How do you define those terms?
    – What’s the difference between religious and spiritual? How do you think they should work in relation to one another?
    – JR, as a pastor, how do you interpret/feel about a religious leader making the statement, “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.” What is the potential impact of that?
    – Matt & Clay, what are your thoughts as leaders of youth? (Am I wrong that this is a growing trend in belief with young people?)

    Maybe I’m just blowing this out of proportion, but it bothered me. I guess it’s the same kind of concern as the crowd sourcing – when you let go of control, how far can you trust that the message being conveyed is the “right” message? But this guy is at the top already, and this is what he’s teaching?

    Again, I won’t have my feelings hurt at all if you don’t want to deal with this or it doesn’t work for you as a discussion topic. 🙂

    Thanks, Michelle

    • Thanks for the suggestions Michelle! We are definitely considering what you said here and will be talking about this in some capacity on an upcoming episode.

      • Cool; I’m curious about what ya’ll think. I’m still thinking on it, keeps rearing its head on me. I’m excited you’re going weekly!

    • Oh man. As a pastor, one of the most awful situations to be in is performing a funeral for someone who wasn’t a believer. It’s just awful all the way around.

      That said, the whole “spiritual not religious” is one of my biggest pet peeves. I get why people say it, but as soon as it comes out of someone’s mouth, I immediately think “this person doesn’t understand either ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’.” Either that, or they’re lazy. Or selfish.

      Okay, that comment is going to get me in plenty of trouble until we actually record this episode 😀

  • I really enjoyed some of the points you guys brought up in this episode! I think a lot of people, especially younger, are leaving the church or seeking other churches because they don’t feel involved, like you mentioned.

    I was really interested in what you had to say about evangelism, it’s always been something that really interested me. I’ve used Solarium before (actually near the University of Pittsburgh with Youth With A Mission) and I was able to see how many doors it opened. People didn’t see it as an attack on what they believe and they didn’t get defensive about it. But rather it was a way they could tell their story and in return, I could tell mine. Another form of evangelism I’ve seen that is effective is the use of drama and dance. Especially with dramas that are based on the story of salvation. We’re able to ask people what they thought about it, if they could identify. People enjoy art. If we can connect to people with the things they enjoy (you mentioned stories), they will listen to what we have to say.

    Anyway, really enjoying these podcasts! Thanks!

    • Thanks Kelsea! I’ve never gotten to use Solarium myself (I learned about it in this episode, as a matter of fact). My church uses drama and dance pretty frequently. I agree that art (of any sort) is such a great medium to begin spiritual conversations.

      Glad you’re enjoying StoryMen. We’ll keep making em 😀

    • Hey Kelsea! Small world. I teach at Pitt and live a few minutes from YWAM. I’m sure we know some of the same peeps. My friend has used Solarium to good effect at Cal U as well. Thanks for the thoughts. Appreciate you listening and engaging.

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