Dallas Jenkins and Making Good “Christian” Art

jrforasteros —  March 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

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Story Men - Mar 1, 2013

Making Good Christian Art

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In This Episode

0:00 – Meet Dallas Jenkins a.k.a. Mikalatos II
3:45 – A Brief Review of the 2013 Oscars
6:45 – Wait, Who is Dallas Jenkins?
15:15 – Growing as an Artist
26:30 – Bad Art because “God Told Me” is a Protestant Problem
30:30 – Putting in the Time
37:00 – Hollywood’s Finding God

Special Guest Dallas Jenkins

The StoryMen welcome Dallas Jenkins to the show!

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Midnight Clear (Watch instantly!)
Hometown Legend
What If… (Also on Netflix)

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Scott Derrickson
Denzel Washington
Martin Sheen
Paul Thomas Anderson

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