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Rabbi Eli Fink joins us to talk about one of the Summer’s biggest films, INSIDE OUT. From why the film is so good to the surprising spiritual lessons, listen up and weigh in!

Story Men - June 27, 2015


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In this Episode:

1:30 – Eli’s Back!

3:00 – Favorite Pixar films

7:00 – Expectations going into the film

12:00 – Why did we love this film?

29:00 – How do you make a film without a villain?

45:00 – Final Thoughts

55:00 – Connect with Eli

Episode Links

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink


Eli’s review of INSIDE OUT

Growing Up: What Religion Can Learn from the Magic of INSIDE OUT by Eli Fink

JR.’s review of INSIDE OUT: The Gift of Grief

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