Jackie Kessler and the Riders of the Apocalypse

jrforasteros —  April 16, 2013 — 21 Comments

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Story Men - April 16, 2013

Jackie Kessler and the Riders of the Apocalypse

The StoryMen welcome author Jackie Morse Kessler to discuss her Riders of the Apocalypse series. Puns abound.

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The StoryMen live at the intersection of Pop Culture, Theology and History. What are they talking about this week?

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What if an anorexic girl became Famine, the rider of the Apocalypse? And what if Death got suicidal?

The StoryMen welcome author Jackie Kessler to celebrate the release of Breath, the final book in her excellent series The Riders of the Apocalypse.


In This Episode

0:00 – Meet Jackie Kessler
6:30 – Riders of the Apocalypse
13:30 – Writing the Riders
16:00 – Meet the Riders
27:30 – Breath
32:30 – How the Riders of the Apocalypse have made a difference
34:00 – Death and Nirvana and Control
42:00 – Where to find Jackie and the charities her books support!
43:00 – Win FREE books!

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Get the Riders of the Apocalypse on Amazon!


Breath by Jackie Morse Kessler

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Follow Jackie on Twitter

Jackie writes for DeadlineDames.com

Jackie’s Young Adult website and regular author site

Check out the blog tour for Breath

JR.’s review of the first three books and Breath

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  • Jim

    I would be Death. Or maybe War. Or Pestilence. I haven’t got it all figured it out yet.

    • Haha nice. Spoken with buckets of conviction =)

  • Jackie *is* the coolest! Honestly, this is my favorite guest interview so far – I really like Jackie. I enjoyed the book discussion – it’s always fun to see J.R. excited about something and to share in that. He’s totally infectious. I mean his excitement is totally infectious 🙂 But I also really loved hearing Jackie talk about her writing process, and I could identify with so much of that.

    Ok, so I would probably be Rage. I’ve never cut or self-injured, but I do have a tendency toward self-sabotage in other ways.

    • “JR. is totally infectious.” ~ Michelle

      • And The Storymen are the coolest! You guys make me happy 🙂

  • ericcrisp

    I would probably be Death. I often have a pretty dark and cynical outlook that can suck the life out of myself and others. My horse would most likely be pale…

    But I may change my mind after I read the books. Hope to win them here but I will buy them if I don’t! Great conversation here.

  • I’m trying not to read all the other answers, because I know I’ll steal stuff.

    I would say Death, just because I tend to not be very lively. I often feel empty, and that seems more like Death than any of the others.

    Side note, the Teen Titans cartoon is mad legit.

  • I’m not allowed to enter, but I’d totally be the Conqueror/Pestilence. Because Billy Ballard is THE MAN

    • Wow – really? That came out of nowhere! It’s like I don’t even know you.


      • Matt Mikalatos

        And then JR. would be infectious.

        • Who would you be, Matt? I don’t remember you guys saying on the show.

  • Uh-oh….I commented last night but I don’t see my comment here and that makes me nervous because I sooo want to read these books!! So, I’m commenting again, and my apologies in advance if you hear from me twice!

    So, I’m not sure I’d want to be ANY of the four horsemen (yikes!), but if I have to choose… I think I’d want to be Death. Not because of something I especially like about Death (at all), but more because the others just sound especially gruesome! Phew, what “jobs” from hell these would be…

    Also, I did tweet about the great episode last night 🙂

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  • graceisunfair

    I would be Hunger… because that’s exactly what I am now–hungry. When’s my wife going to be home for dinner so we can eat?

    I checked out the local library for these books, but they’re all in use–probably a promotional bump from her being on StoryMen. ;]

    • Matt Mikalatos

      Yup, I’m pretty sure that’s it!

  • I’d say War. You know he’d have the sweet weapons.

  • therhoades

    (also posted same reply on jrforasteros.com)

    This was a really fun podcast. You guys get better and better each episode and by now I feel like I know you guys and so with each new episode I’m just settling in to another conversation with the fellas.

    So, I initially thought of which of the existing four horsemen I would be, but Jackie Morse Kessler put such a super-awesome twist on it, that I couldn’t possibly touch it at this point without looking ridiculous. You might as well ask me to do a slam dunk right after LeBron James (I’m 5’9” and a half, by the way; the only thing I dunk is donuts).

    So I’ve decided to make up my own horseman – and I’m pretty sure I’ve settled on apathy. These teens had eating disorders or cut themselves, etc., my secret pain is apathy – or maybe it’s indecision? Either way, I would make a really great horseman as apathy. At least until I had to actually DO something – and then I would probably trail behind the group and not really apply myself. I had more to write.. but… meh.

  • Beth Sekishiro

    I’ll go with Famine, due to my history of inviting hordes of college students over for not quite enough stir fry.

  • We have a winner everyone! Congrats to @graceisunfair:disqus on winning the drawing!! Thanks to everyone for participating!

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