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jrforasteros —  June 20, 2013 — 12 Comments

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Story Men - June 20, 2013

Super(Story)Man Mark Waid

Super(Story)Man Mark Waid

The StoryMen welcome comics legend Mark Waid to tell us how he tells stories. We talk Superman, his current work on Daredevil and Hulk, and how his site is changing the future of comics!

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The StoryMen live at the intersection of Pop Culture, Theology and History. What are they talking about this week?

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Comics Legend Mark Waid

Comics Legend Mark Waid

The StoryMen welcome comics legend Mark Waid to tell us how he tells stories. We talk Superman, his current work on Daredevil and Hulk, and how his site is changing the future of comics! Plus, win a FREE copy of Mark’s now classic Superman: Birthright!

In This Episode

0:00 – Matt Stalks Mark Waid
3:00 – Mining Mark’s Origin Story: Kingdom Come and American Religious Mythology
12:00 – Man of Steel
22:00 – Mark at Marvel: Daredevil and Hulk
31:00 – Most challenging to write and dream jobs
35:00 – Thrillbent: Changing the face of comic
42:00 – MOOC: Teaching Comics
48:00 – Giveaway!

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  • graceisunfair

    I loved this episode. He was so humble and yet confident at the same time.

    My favorite superhero has been Spider-man since I was a kid because I loved his humor and connected with his everyman nerdiness.

  • Frick

    Just listened to the Mark Waid episode . . . great stuff guys! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Frick! All the credit to Mark Waid 😀 He’s the man!

  • I’ve never really gotten into comics, and I think a part of that is my impatience to get to the rest of the story. I read a couple on Thrillbent and already I’m lamenting, “Wait, what? Only three episodes so far!” I get super quickly sucked into stories, and it kills me to be left hanging.

    But I liked the way the comics on Thrillbent reveal! I could lose a lot of time over there. Ok, I already have.

    • Yeah, I ripped through Insufferable quickly. There’s an entire volume and a half to dive in.


    Man, I can’t believe I’m going to disagree with a comic book legend like Mark Waid. This is by no means a disrespect and obviously he’s much more qualified than I am to comment on this topic, but the ending of Man of Steel really didn’t bother me.

    Superman was forced into making a terrible choice, and it obviously caused him a great deal of anguish, even though it was something he was forced to do. Assuming the next movie follows the current continuity, it would be interesting if the personal ramifications of this act – that is, how disgusted he is with himself for taking a life – shapes the man/the hero he decides to become moving forward.

    I’m of the opinion that DC is probably wise to stay in their lane in terms of movies. They can’t try to out-Marvel Marvel, and are better off differentiating the emotional tone of their films.

    To be fair, I’m a casual (at best) Superman fan, so I’ll fully concede that perhaps I’m not well-qualified to comment on the direction and choices of the character. Still, I felt this was an interesting element to introduce to the story, and if handled correctly moving forward, not necessarily a total divergence from the spirit of Superman, but rather a painful lesson (even a mistake) that illustrated this character as vulnerable and imperfect even with his amazing powers. Despite all the imagery, Superman is not Jesus.

    Interesting topic and great podcast! I’m now following Thrillbent on Twitter and have subscribed to the blog as well as this podcast.

    • mattmikalatos

      Glad you liked the podcast, Clint! You’re allowed to disagree with Mark, but he’s going to write you into his comics and make you pay. 🙂

    • Clint – I find the divide between hardcore superman fans and “casual fans” as you describe yourself fascinating. It seems that MoS only upset the hardcore fans, as a rule.

      I’m not totally sure what to do with that observation, but it’ll be interesting (to say the least) to see how this impacts superman moving forward across all platforms.

  • mattmikalatos

    That picture rules.

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