The NOAH Movie featuring Rabbi Eliyahu Fink and Mikey Fissel of Reel World Theology

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Story Men - April 4, 2014

NOAH with Rabbi Eliyahu Fink and Mikey Fissel of Reel World Theology

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The StoryMen discuss the controversial new Darren Aronofsky film NOAH. To help us sort out this complicated fim, we welcome Rabbi Eliyahu Fink and Reel World Theology podcast host Mikey Fissel. We share our takes on the film, discuss the Jewish roots of Aronofsky’s story, and discuss to what degree the film is Gnostic.

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In this Episode:

0:00 – Special Guests: Rabbi Eliyahu Fink and Mikey Fissel

05:00 – First Impressions of NOAH

07:00 – The Difference between Jewish and Christian approaches to the Bible

18:00 – Overall thoughts on NOAH

20:30 – Matt Drops In

21:30 – SPOILERS for NOAH

22:30 – NOAH and Gnosticism

27:30 – Rock Monsters, Methuselah and Subverting God’s Will!

35:30 – Favorite Scenes

45:00 – Connect with our Guests

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BOOK: Families and Faith

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