Oscars 2017

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The StoryMen reflect on the 2017 Oscars and make our predictions, complain about what got snubbed and the worst films of 2017. PLUS: What’s new at Norville, an update on our refugee family and how Clay got onstage with Pen & Teller!

Story Men - February 24, 2017

Oscars 2017

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In this Episode:

3 – Refugee Update

6 – Clay’s Magical Weekend in Vegas

9 – Best Picture

28 – Best Actor

33 – Best Actress Actress

37 – Supporting Actor

39 – Supporting Actress

41 – I just didn’t get it (most overrated)

43 – They just didn’t get it

46 – Worst Film of 2016

48 – Best Director, Documentary and Animated Feature

51 – PPOW

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Objectivity is Alive by Not Well by Bryne Lewis

Winning Eowyn: Middle Earth Gives Pointers on Wooing Today’s Warrior Women by Sara Frase


Matt: Finder by Carla Speed McNeil

Clay: Flickchart

JR.: GET OUT and The Burning City by Jake Kerr

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